Customized Hat Liners!! Proudly Made in America.

Are you tired of having to spend money on hats due to sweat stains?

I created My Hot Head because I had to keep replacing my favorite hats due to the sweat stains. 

Showing you how the sweat changes color of your hat!

The My Hot Head fits in the inside of your hat to stay in place!

What I am showing you is where the sweat settles and changes the color of your hat!

I created this hat liner because I wear hats everyday and was not finding a product that I can keep the sweat from staining my hats.  

  • All Items are customized and require your hat size. And is small and confident to fit in your pocket. The double layer is for winter and single layer for year round. 
  • You dress yourself up....why not your hat? It's part of your outfit!       Send in your scarf or towel and I'll make you a liner with your personal style (Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, etc).

Different options to chose from!


  • Easy in and out of your hat so you can use in all your favorite hats!

Will Work in different kinds of hats with a inside lip!!


  • This option has openings on each side for extra ventilation during those hot days!

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